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Top 5 things to grow with your kids (and eat!) in Winter

Being able to grow your own food, harvest it and then eat it must have to be one of the best feelings in the entire world. Can you imagine the magic that young children would see in the process? Amazing!

When you’re choosing what you want grow think of what you want to eat – and what your babies eat. Something the can pick and eat straight away is always a winner, because lets face it. Our kids don’t have the biggest attention span.


  1. Peas. Easy Peasy, just like the saying. These can be planted almost anywhere – give them something to climb and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you see them fruit! Something my son LOVES doing is help pick the pea pods off the vine and then help me shell them. I like to do this on a rainy day – give us something to do outside without venturing too far into the cold.

GROWING TIP: Check on your vine every few days and help the plant find the support to cling on to. Also, and the end of the season you may have a excess amount of peas on your hands – you can freeze them for summer meals!

  1. Celery…pick it, add peanut butter and voila! Your morning tea is set! Again, you won’t need to supervise these plants too much. Very self-sufficient. The winter rain and wind will make sure this plant grows strong and tall! Don’t forget to use the leaves in your green smoothie – full of LOTS of goodies.

GROWING TIP: If you see a pest or damage on the plant treat early. Once pests get a hold of the celery plant It’s hard to take back ownership!

My celery loves to grow with my spinaches and kale!

  1. Rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb. Other than the fact it needs as much sunlight as possible in the winter months – this beauty it too good to go past! Just think about the incredible apple and rhubarb crumble you could be making at home! Amazing!

GROWING TIP: If your veggie patch is too sheltered in winter, grab a pot and plant in full sun. Rhubarb plant is flexible enough to withstand the winds and rain – but as much as sun as possible is vital for good growth!

  1. English spinach. Once you grow this stuff you will never be able to cope with a winter without it. It grows so well – so lush – so yum! Don’t panic if you find caterpillars around, they won’t eat much! Just wash well when you pick it.

GROWING TIP: Grow from organic seed. Let it self seed and the bury the seeds in the ground after the winter months are over. It will lay dorment over summer and then – BING! It’ll make another appearance every winter without you having to do anything

  1. Carrots. I have never been able to grow beautiful long straight carrots ever. Mine are always a little twisted, with added character I say! Makes it a funny process when you’re harvest them because you never know what you’re going to get!

GROWING TIP: If you’re wanting beautiful straight carrots – make sure you hill them like the potatoes in summer. Bury the green leafy foliage halfway. Carrots grow up into soil, not down. Here are some of my twisted carrots!

Click here for some ideas on what to grow in SUMMER with your kiddies!

Have fun and get dirty!

Em x

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