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It's the simple things.

Overwhelmed to the point of self-exhaustion. Constantly writing to-do lists that never seem to be fulfilled. Snapping at my children because they’re singing too loud while I’m on the phone. This is me almost on a daily basis, and even though I know it’s not a sustainable way of life, I can’t seem to get a grasp on it all.

I sat quietly last week and thought about what my most common phrases are each day. Here are my top three.

  1. I love you.

  2. Hurry up, we don’t have time for this.

  3. I’m just so busy!

Although I’m happy I talk of my love often, this realisation was deeply depressing to me. I am one of those people who marvels at the stars at night and feels the energy of the sun during the day. I take in the smell of the air after rain, the sounds of the birds morning calls and the change in energy as the sun sets. But my words don’t seem to connect. Maybe…I’m not actually that person anymore.

A favourite blogger of mine recently wrote;

What happened to a world in which we can sit with the people we love so much and have slow conversations about the state of our heart and soul, conversations that slowly unfold, conversations with pregnant pauses and silences that we are in no rush to fill

– Omid Safi

How powerful is that! It made me realise that I get snappy with my children when they interrupt a conversation to show me something simple like a yellow flower. Do you know why I snap? Because I saw I had 10 missed calls that I need to attend to, I heard all 15 emails bounce into my inbox demanding instant attention, and I’m trying to have a conversation before I rush off to do everything else on my list before night falls. How sad – I put those missed calls, emails, chores, accountants, and small chit chat BEFORE my child wanting to share his awe in this beautiful yellow flower.

Why do I allow all these things to interfere the glory of today? Do I really need to be contactable all the time? With all our technological advances today – mobile phones, laptops, wifi, emails, facebook, facetime, faxing, post…I almost feel obliged to be available to anyone in the entire world no matter what time of day or night. From now on, I’m giving myself permission to log off now and then. What ever that email/phone call/message is about, I’m sure the Earth wont collapse if I leave it for a little while longer.

Today on the morning news I saw that two best friends, who have been close pals since they were 12, are celebrating their 100th birthday together. Look at how gorgeously happy these girlies are!

Their secret to a happy life and longevity? Live a simple life.

And you know what?

I believe that with every ounce of my heart.

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