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Top 5 'must have' essential oils!

Health fads come and go, but essential oils have long been a favourite dating as far back as 5000BC in Egypt. We have all heard of Lavender and Eucalyptus oil but I'm going to shed some light on some other life changing oils.

I was raised with essential oils constantly diffusing through my home, in my bath, applied to my skin - there was an oil for everything! My mum was an aromatherapist and she taught my brothers and I from an early age the benefits of essential oils in all sorts of situations that life throws at us.

I've played with essential oils in my adult life, but now I'm a mum - I'm well and truly obsessed. And I can, hand on heart, say I believe in natures magic nectar 100%. I've got so many favourites, but I've got my top 5 oils that will help bubs and toddlers - and us parents!- on a daily basis.

1. Marjoram

This essential oil is my most used! This oil has sedative properties that relaxes your nervous system and relieves you of tension and insomnia. Perfect on a tissue under your little ones pillow at night or even vaporised in the house leading up to bed time. If a bath is a part of your bed time routine…ADD THIS! This is my secret weapon to getting my 10 month old to sleep through for 14-15 hours every night, and my 3 year old 12 hours every night.

2. Geranium

Oh i can't get enough of this beauty. Geranium helps balance moods swings and encourages a harmonious environment. Not only is it uplifting for the mind, it is also extremely beneficial for your skin. Perfect addition to every bath to help maintain healthy hydrated skin and to relaxe the mind and body.

3. Bergamot

This is a very uplifting oil that helps disperse nervous anxiety, stimulates appetite, and helps fights eczema and dermatitis. The gorgeous citrus smell always makes a great companion to any vaporising blend.

4. Ylang Ylang

This oil most is the most down played essential oil ever. I have this vaporising in my house every single day! It’s a great one for the parents of the house being an aphrodisiac but also helps bring the mood up, acts as a cardiac tonic by settling the effect of a rapid heartbeat, and releases depression. Incredible!

5. Rose Otto

This is my Queen oil. She promotes nurturing on all levels – mind, spirit and physical. It opens your heart chakra (you meditating babes will appreciate this), it promotes healthy circulation, strengthens your liver, helps relieve of depression, anxiety and it also helps your skin with assisting cell regeneration. This queen will do nothing but love you over and over again! Every time I have a bath with Rose Otto – I feel like I’m being given a great big hug.

All of these oils can be applied topically through a *carrier oil, they can be vaporised through the home or added into a bath time routine, again, with a carrier oil.

Carrier oils are essential to help carry the oil onto the skin. Essential oils are very potent (which is why you only ever need to use a few drops) and can cause irritation to the skin if directly applied. I have listed some carrier oils below.

If you or your babes are needing help to settle – applying a few drops of each oil onto a tissue (pop it under your pillow or under the sleeve of your jumper) will do wonders.

My favourite carrier oils are;

  1. Almond Oil

  2. Jojoba Oil

  3. Grape Seed

  4. Sesame Seed.

Have fun experimenting, I’m sure you’ll smell glorious!

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