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4 meals that your kids will ACTUALLY eat!

Have a picky little eater on your hands? Don’t have the time to make 5 different meals, 4 bargaining pleas, sit through 3 meltdowns (could be the toddler could be you), spell out 2 empty threats just so that you can 1 full tummy at the end of it all?

Yeah, me neither!

I’ve found some success over the years that worked wonders! No, I'm not talking about drive-through happy meals (although they are seriously a gift from God!), I’m talking about healthy, tummy filling, body nourishing foods.

Want to know my secret? Don't let the kids know you're the mastermind behind the food! I’ll incorporate my little babes favourite book or movie and work off that for inspiration! Here’s what works for me…


What a classic movie! There’s a scene in the movie where the rat makes an incredibly yummy soup that all the characters go crazy for. Get involved in the dialogue, talk through the events and laugh with your kiddies and then…

”Oh guess what? Ratatouille actually came by earlier and dropped off some of his yummy soup for you! Shall I go get it?”

You’ll never see a kid eat so much veggie soup so happily! Promise!


I'm pretty sure we all know this book back to front and upside down! Read the book together, laugh at how silly it is not to even taste green eggs and ham. And then at the end when the characters admit that they DO like green eggs and ham…serve it up! Here's how I make it…

1x egg

1x handful of spinach

2x tablespoons of milk.

Blend the egg, spinach and milk together (I use my nutri-bullet) and the fry up like an omelette. Serve with some ham and what do you have?....Green Eggs and Ham!


This one is pretty self-explanatory. Spaghetti with meatballs and a movie – perfect! Load those meatballs with diced carrot, grated zucchini and mashed pumpkin. They wont even know!!


This is an all time favourite recipe at my house – even my adult brother comes over for breakfast requesting these beauties. It wont be hard to find an espisode of Winnie the Pooh munching into some honey pancakes! Here’s the recipe we use at home;

1x egg

1x medium banana

½ handful of oats

1 teaspoon of vanilla bean extract

Blend together, let mixture sit for 10 minutes for best results. If the mixture is too runny, just add more oats. Serve with a drizzle of that golden nectar...honey!

This is also a great little snack to pack for playdates!

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