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Less is More - 5 tips to make a memorable Christmas.

We live in a day and age where we are disillusioned by the thought process that ‘more is more’.

The more cars you have, the more successful you are. The more toys your child has, they more they are loved. The food in your pantry, the more options you have for meals.

I’m going to be completely honest! I am in all three of those categories I’ve just mentioned. I have more cars than people in my house. My children have toys that they don’t even know they have yet…and my panty is FULL but I still make the same meals each week leaving lots of things to expire without using them first. How embarrassing.

This got me thinking about Christmas coming up. What is Santa bringing for my kiddies? Last year they were completely spoilt by Santa and by family. I don’t think they’d remember even one of those presents…because there was too much! Their attention was pulled into a million directions and they didn’t have enough time in the day to focus on all the presents enough for it to actually make a difference in their lives. So I’ve got 5 tips to help me (and you) to make this Christmas more memorable then ever.

1. Streamline presents for the Kids!

Less is definitely more! If they only get 1 or 2 presents from Santa, this may help them become more involved in the presents and giving them time to have their imagination kick in and allowing their minds to focus on something for more than 30 seconds before jumping to a different gift.

2. Have the kids make a present for family members!

We did this last year for Christmas, and the response we got back was beautiful. No-one wanted more ‘stuff’ but the gifts made by my toddler made their day! It could be a pasta necklace made from painted penne pasta and string, or a hand decorated photo frame of grandpa and the kids at their latest playdates. It could even just be a drawing with a conversation you and your babes have had about the person your gifting it to. This year I’ll be having the kids paint a pot plant and planting some flowers.

3. Don’t be afraid to get into those Op-Shops!

New isn’t always necessarily better. Kmart has toys for as low as $2 but the quality wont be there. My toddler will be getting a new bike I bought off of a friend for $20. Great condition, perfect allrounder…get onto facebook marketplace or even gumtree. You’ll be surprised what gems you’ll be able to pick up for next to nothing!

4. Make memories, and new traditions!

Go to your local Christmas Carols event. They’re normally free, or a gold coin donation, and they have the best community atmosphere. Carols, late summer sunets, picnic and even fireworks. Pack a picnic, kick the footy around and make an afternoon of it. One of our kids favourite things is when we all slow down and just enjoy the day with them without constantly rushing around.

5. Embrace the chaos of Family.

Christmas means so many different things to so many of us but a common denominator is ‘family’. Some of us have larger families than others, and it’s pretty hectic to see everyone at Christmas – but embrace the chaos. The kids will love it and trust me – although you’ll be tired and worn out, you’ll feel fulfilled. Don’t stress about the mess. Let grandma give little jimmy a third candy cane. Embrace it! One day you’ll look back fondly and the memories.

Less is more. Relax, and embrace the chaos.

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