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A playgroup for the local community, with over 100 families as members. A great chance to get together with other families in the area.
Fantastic facilities inside with a safe playground outside. Facilities includes full kitchen, bikes, slide, swings, toys for ages 0-5, sand-pit and art and craft activities.
Old Cottage Playgroup is run by a dedicated group of volunteer parents who attend the centre. Their passion, hard-work and dedication ensures the centre remains open to benefit our community!


What is Old Cottage Playgroup?

Old cottage playgroup is a volunteer-run, not for profit playgroup in Happy Valley, SA. 


How long are sessions and when do you have them?

Our sessions are 2 hours long. We have playgroup sessions Monday to Friday, up to three times a day. 


What age/s is the playgroup best suited to?

Our play equipment and toys are suited to children aged 0-6 years. 

What do you do at playgroup?

Old Cottage is a ‘free play’ playgroup - this means we do not set activities each week or follow a routine in each session. Parents/caregivers and their children are free to choose how they spend their 2 hours using the facilities and equipment provided by us. 

Who can come to playgroup?

Everybody is welcome at Old Cottage. We offer two free trials to new visitors, and if you would like to continue coming past those free visits, you will need to choose from our membership options to join our playgroup and keep enjoying the facilities.  


Why do I need to be a member?

As a stand alone playgroup (not affiliated with a church, school or other community centre, etc.) having memberships helps us meet our ongoing expenses and keep the playgroup afloat. 


At the moment we do not offer casual playgroup. It’s important to us that our sessions are inclusive and accessible, so becoming a member makes you part of our community. 


As a not for profit, any additional $$ we have after meeting expenses gets invested straight back into our facilities, and members have a lot of input into how we improve the space. 


I don’t think I can commit to a regular weekly session, what are my options?

We have some members who are shift workers, others who change jobs or availability throughout the year, etc. and we are more than happy to accommodate changing sessions as needed! You’re not locked in to attending the same day and time for the duration of your membership - our volunteers are happy to help you change as needed!


What are the prices?

Membership prices and session fees are all per family, not per child. 


Families who come to Old Cottage choose a membership option that suits them, and then pay a session fee each week they attend. 



Full year: $60

Half year: $35

Single term: $20

Session fees $3


What if I want to come more than once a week?

Families who attend more than once a week are welcome to! After you’ve paid a $3 session fee, any subsequent session you attend in the same Monday to Friday period is just a gold coin donation.


I’ve missed a few weeks due to illness/other commitments - what does that mean?

Session fees are only payable when you actually come along to playgroup - there’s no catch up on missed weeks or any hidden fees to pay. These amounts help us provide tea and coffee, cover electricity charges, craft supplies used, etc.


What should I bring along?

We provide instant tea and coffee making facilities, but you’ll need to bring snacks for yourself and your child/ren, hats, sunscreen, etc. we are a nut-free playgroup so we ask that you keep this in mind when packing food to bring. We do have some snacks and drinks available for purchase at playgroup if you get stuck!

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